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Have you ever been at an outdoor wedding and been under attack the entire time?
After months of planning and thousands of dollars spent, mosquitoes can be a bride’s worst nightmare. Can you imagine if the only thing someone remembered about your wedding were the mosquitoes?

From outdoor weddings to graduation parties, let the Mosquito Squad of Chapel Hill, Durham & Burlington protect you, your guests AND the memory of your special event.

24-48 hours prior to your wedding or special event, our team will come out and apply our Mosquito Control Barrier Protection Spray that includes an extra component to specifically protect against biting and stinging insects. Our team will target areas that are most prone to mosquitoes, including any areas of standing water and food areas. This solution is applied 24-48 hours in advance of your event to eliminate any chance of contamination. It dries within 30 minutes and leaves no smell or visible residue.

Don’t let your biggest party favor be a bunch of bug bites. Call us. We’re here to help!

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