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At Mosquito Squad, we are dedicated to creative ways to help you get back to enjoying your backyard. Scott Brown, our owner, leads a team of well-mannered and highly trained applicators while our accountant and office manager, Courtney Murphy, pays the bills, sends the invoices and does all the other office related tasks that no one else wants to do. Our mission each and every day is 100% customer satisfaction.

Scott Brown is pictured above with his lovely wife, Debbie, and their beautiful daughter, Ann Wilson. Scott and Debbie invested a lot of effort and money to create an outdoor oasis in their backyard. But every time they went outside to enjoy their investment, Debbie and Ann Wilson were eaten alive by mosquitoes (they somehow spared Scott, who must not be as sweet as his lovely ladies). He contacted Mosquito Squad of the Triad and they came out immediately to treat his property. He couldn’t believe it that night when they went out on their deck and didn’t get a single bite. He was hooked and has been a loyal customer ever since.

Years later, he was researching business opportunities and discovered that the Burlington franchise of Mosquito Squad was available for purchase. He jumped on it. “To own a business which I fully believe in and fully understand the effectiveness of the product was a no brainer.” He was thrilled to extend his territory eastward when the opportunity to purchase the Chapel Hill and Durham territory became available.

Scott is a graduate of NC State University and can be found at all of the Wolfpack home football games. He is an avid fisherman and always has a freezer full of freshly caught fish. He serves on the Reelin’ for Research committee, raising significant funds for childhood cancer research.

Courtney Murphy wears many hats. Thankfully, she is used to multitasking with her four extremely active boys, William, Pierson, Henry and Brooks. You won’t find her spraying your yard but she takes care of our accounting, answers phones, handles online marketing and any and every other job that gets thrown her way. She is thankful that her boys love to play outside (which may be the only reason her house is still standing) and she is glad that she doesn’t have to worry about mosquitoes and ticks because she, like Scott, also uses the Mosquito Squad products to protect against those dangerous and annoying insects. She is also a graduate of NC State and is happy to fill in for Scott by sitting in his seats at Carter Finley Stadium whenever he is on a fishing weekend. She is not an avid fisherman but does enjoy the bounty of Scott’s fishing habit that sometimes gets thrown her way.

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